18 January 2013

Swooped 58 WA51ACX

What I assume is a very recent repaint is 58 seen here by Richard Smith yesterday. Plymouth Citybus 058 WA51ACX
©Richard Smith
The more I see of this livery the more I like it. There are one or two buses where the swoop is not looking its best but this is still rare. Repaints are coming thick and fast so there really is hope that one day soon most of the fleet will be in the same basic livery. I really cant recall how long ago that last happened? My own fleet list currently has 31 in swoops livery so far.

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  1. Yes, very recent! It the latest one to come out of the spray shop, probably only yesterday

  2. yes, they need to sort out some of the swoops as they are not coping very well with the bus wash!

  3. There was a problem with the adhesive used on some of the earlier swoops. We are replacing them as they peel off.

  4. oh brilliant brian. Having such a sharp looking livery, it tends to stand out more when they are damaged. I noticed that one of the enviros has a 'C' missing on the back window too. so it says 'itybus'

    1. I'd not actually seen any 'missing swoops' until today - I captured 143 at Derriford and in town on the 40/41/42/45 rotations which could do with a bit of work!


      138 is like that also.

      I do like the livery; it looks very modern and is quick, cheap and easy to apply.


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