17 January 2013

Swooped: 55 WA51ACO

In the new livery, Plymouth Citybus SPD 55 WA51ACO is seen on Western Approach heading to Whitleigh on the 44A.

Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Thomas190

Plymouth Citybus 055 WA51ACO
April 2008
Plymouth Citybus 055 WA51ACO
October 2006

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • Bus services in and around Abingdon are excellent for a town of its size and appear to work well. Infomation is readily available at the TiC (if the operators can be bothered to supply it!) but not at the stops; where the sort of facts a visitor might need are simply not evident. Public Transport Experience
  • I have also come across some strange things left on buses as I am sure have all those in the industry. Omnibuses
  • Having enjoyed the fruits of the Crossrail’s aerial survey we now return to Docklands to watch the new railway appear in front of our eyes. Eschewing the chance to vegetate before his tinsel decked telly, Unravelled recently followed in the footsteps previously trodden by John Bull to capture the progress being made on the former NLL North Woolwich branch south of Canning Town. London Reconnections

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