31 January 2013

Incoming Target Travel

This post was set to go live yesterday morning but I did my usual trick of setting it to go live ‘tomorrow’ not realising it had already gone midnight so ended up setting it for Thursday. It all works out well though as I have received additional information on the bus so the post has been updated…

Its not just Plymouth Citybus and First Devon & Cornwall who have brought ‘new’ vehicles into their fleets recently. Target Travel have too:

Target Travel S722KNV
©Richard Smith
Target Travel seem keen on Dennis Darts these days and have very recently acquired this one. Previously with Turners, Chulmleigh it seems they put it up on Ebay after they lost their 377 service to Beacon Bus. Thanks to Ben and Spike for the additional info!

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • Notably in order to appeal more to potential passengers, the vehicles being used on the service are also top notch, with seven modern buses being used to provide the service, each boasting leather seats and free onboard WiFi. Public Transport Experience
  • Anglianbus currently have MAN CitySmart demonstrator WX12EKO on loan... Andys Bus Blog
  • Indeed Redditch has the dubious pleasure of being the site of one of the few (the only?) "clover leaf" road interchanges in the UK at the (in)appropriatelty named "Headless Cross" Public Transport Experience


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  2. s722knv came from speedwell bus,hyde (manchester) after they went bust last year due to the fuel increases and cuts for free passes from the government.
    here is a shot of it`s sister on my old route


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