30 October 2012

New timetables 42

From 11 November 2012:

Service 42 will split to become two separate hourly timetables with Services from Tamerton Foliot to the City Centre via Derriford operating hourly as Service 42 which operates Tamerton Folliot. looseleigh lane, Derriford hospital then to the City Centre via Mutley Plain. Service 42A will also depart hourly from Tamerton Folliot then operate via Southway to Tavistock Road then continue to the City Centre via Derriford Hospital and Mutley Plain. Evening Services are to operate as the Service 42 Sunday to Saturday.

In addition to the above Monday to Friday additional services will be provided in the off peak between Derriford Hospital and the City Centre creating a bus every 15 minutes from Derriford Hospital to the City Centre with further additional trips in the Monday to Friday Peak. Buses from the City Centre that operate just to Derriford will be marked

pcb42 Plymouth Citybus 422 X556EGK


  • The NSPCC is now even suggesting that if there is an innocent intent, *innocent* mark you, presumably including pursuing a legitimate hobby, then the public might feel it acceptable to press for the identity of the photographer and the purposes for which the photos will be used Omnibuses

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  1. Am interested to see what happens with this one. It certainly looks a bit confusing Monday to Friday what with extra trips from Tamerton some being during school days and some school holidays. Every 15 minutes Mon-Fri direct from Derriford to the City Centre is certainly a welcome move, and will provide good competition with First's 15.

    The 1644 School Day only 42A seems a bit tight on the timetable - it comes off the 101 School Bus to Tamerton and only has 2 minutes - all you need is having to give way to a few cars and a bit of traffic at Crownhill to make it late.

    Upon reaching the City Centre 2 of these will continue through to Plympton as a 20 and vice versa - 10 minutes in the City Centre should be fine. The 21/26 routes also have 10 minutes in the City Centre.

    I can only assume the 1713 Schoolday only 42 from Derriford doesn't come off a school run:

    At current, the 1716 50 comes off the 102, the 1712 in the new timetables is still marked as schoolday only so I'd assume this would stay as it is.

    The 1713 29 comes off the 104 to Crownhill - again this is marked schoolday only so this would probably stay the same.

    The 1715 current 34 comes off the 101 which will now continue as a 42A, which makes more sense than hanging around at Tamerton Foliot for about half an hour.

    The 1718 28B comes off the 127 to Tavistock - it remains to be seen if this will do the 1720 28 or maybe it will do this extra 42? I can't see it being likely though, as it's down as a Student Link Volvo Double Decker, will have to wait and see!

    Having the 1713 42 being schoolday only though I think is a mistake - in school holidays people finishing work at Derriford will now have to rush to try and catch the 1658 one, and then the next one isn't until 1728!


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