29 October 2012

New Timetables 40 41

11th November changes to service 40 41

The route remains unchanged with the exception that on approach to the City Centre the Service will operate via North Hill and Mayflower Street instead of North Road East. However, these timetables have been re-timed to improve reliability. These Services together will continue to provide services every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday with evening services operating every 30 minutes Sunday to Saturday and every 30 minutes during the day on Sundays. These changes will see the return of evening Sunday services to Southway on 40/41.

pcb 40 41 Plymouth Citybus 135 WA08LDF


  • This Sunday will see the even popular 'Nocturnal Heart of the Pennines Rally', organised by the Aire Valley Transport Group, return to Halifax for another year. PTOTHA
  • The former exit from the tunnel, taking tracks on to the Embankment, is easily visible today. Like much of the tunnel this chunk is used for storing highways material and other "stuff"; a sad end to a useful piece of public transport infrastructure. Public Transport Experience
  • I hate it when I’m wrong and I was wrong about FTR in York. On 27th February 2006, I waxed lyrical about the first such project in England. First and York council called it “ground-breaking” and “state-of-the-art”. I felt that the “prospects were good” for healthy modal shift in York. Omnibuses
  • She is a slight little "gell" who apears to have the skills of a heavyweight boxer, a kick boxing supremo and the incisive mind of a Deep Throat computer. She can also kill grown men with a snappy blow of her delicate little hands! Public Transport Experience
  • With BlueStar soon to receive brand new double deckers for route 1 (Winchester - Southampton), I thought we'd remember what went before... Southern England Bus Scene

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  1. The 40 and 41 always have had rather strange allocations, at present they have a mixture of really old SLFs and the high-profile 08 Enviro 200s! (though there now is normally at least one SPD on them, and also normally one B7 Decker Mon-Fri on one of the 40/41/44/44A).

    Before the B7RLEs and Plaxton B7 Deckers came they had allocated the very oldest and very newest buses, those being the 08 Enviros and Step-Darts.

    I wonder if the 40/41s will change into 44/44As at around 4.30-5.30ish? I've always thought the current timetable is a bit strange at 4-6PM

    Royal Parade
    1600 - 41
    1610 - nothing
    1615 - 40
    1620 - 41 (5 minutes apart!)
    1630 - 40 (as it normally would be)
    1640 - nothing
    1645 - 41
    1655 - 40
    1700 - 41 (again 5 minutes apart)
    1710 - 40
    1725 - 41
    1735 - 40
    1740 - 41
    1755 - 40 (comes off the 1708 from Derriford 28B)
    1820 - 41 (comes off the 1718 from Derriford 28B)

    1605 - 44
    1615 - nothing
    1620 - 44A
    1625 - 44
    1635 - 44A
    1645 - 44
    1655 - 44A
    1705 - nothing
    1715 - nothing
    1720 - 44
    1725 - 44 (at least one of these has an 08 Enviro from the 40/41)
    1735 - nothing
    1740 - 44
    1755 - 44
    1825 - 44 (this has an Enviro from the 40/41s)

    Most of the duties of the 40/41 start out on the 44/44A and vice versa, then if for most of the day they're on the 40 it'll normally do a trip or two on the 41, or vice versa, same for the 44. At least one duty of the 41 does some early trips on the 61.

    One thing I've always found strange is the 1456 40 from Southway Ranco changes to the 1540 16 - never understood this! Again at around 4-5pm ish some City Centre 50s change to a 16, again never really understood why that was, maybe to do with Drivers Hours regulations.


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