01 September 2012

The Select Few: Parsons

Parsons Nationwide Distribution of Exeter are another fleet which has pride in its appearance:
Parsons HG06PAR Parsons W 90PAR Parsons T28PAR Parsons 40 WK53PAR Parsons W30PAR Parsons BK54PAR No 3

A14PAR is a very smart Scania R480 fleet number 18 V600PAR  is a Volvo FH fleet number 45


  • August has seen extensive Olympian use with the East Lancs examples likely to be replaced by Manx DAFs. Fylde Bus Blog
  • The Oxford, Worcester and Wolverhampton railway was a company authorised on 4 August 1845 to construct a railway line from the Oxford and Rugby Railway at Wolvercot Junction to Worcester, Stourbridge, Dudley, and Wolverhampton Public Transport Experience
  • In a regulated, licensed environment, over four months on from the launch of the First Aircoach Dublin to Cork direct service, Baile Átha Cliath Comhfhreagraí takes a look at its effects on the market, a newly announced but unlikely partnership and why the subject of lavatories could well be key in future developments. Omnibuses
  • The ride is underwhelming and slow (20 mph speed limit on most of the line) but, disturbingly, interrupted by a regular electronic squawk about every minute. Public Transport Experience

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