03 September 2012

First refreshed

With the new Park & Ride fleet entering service well before the Olympics, Plymouth was one of the first places to see the new First Group livery in any numbers, but it has taken a long while before any others have been treated to the new scheme. Nick Rice has captured 40586 in the new scheme still devoid of any fleet names or indeed fleet numbers. Eventually she should receive a local First fleet name just above the doors and maybe a larger local fleet name on the sides or towards the rear above the windows. It has taken some areas quite a while before getting fleet names fixed to buses in this livery so it may be a wait before we see what names will be in use here. I expect either First Plymouth or First Devon but you never know they might get more imaginative…

Beautifully naked
©Nick Rice
She certainly looks a lot better now than in her previous livery:

First 40586 YJ51RJX 2 July 2011
and she looked even worse before that:
First 40586 (YJ 51 RJX)
©Ian Kirby


I am quite a fan of the new livery which is now being applied to First Group buses all across the country after a pretty slow start. If you look at my FleetLists section you will see the list of buses across the group which are known to carry this livery. (or just click here)


  • John Parry has harboured his vision of "green" flywheel powered urban transport for well over 20 years. The current operation on the Stourbridge branch is his first real "commercial" success. Public Transport Experience
  • It’s reported this week that the final two of Trent Barton’s first* batch of 13 Optare Tempo SRs are at last under preparation & branding for service, three months after the launch of the initial 11. Can anyone confirm? Why the delay? Omnibuses
  • Tim Miller was alerted by a noise from the Car & Commercials yard at Beccles during yesterday morning. He dashed over to witness the re-emergence of one of the former Brighton Tridents now in Anglianbus colours. East Norfolk Bus Blog


  1. The new “refreshed” livery certainly looks good. What is also excellent is to have the glazing clear and shiny, without any of that awful Contra Vision advertisement film on them.

  2. Sorry, but to me it's just lipstick on an increasingly elderly and asthmatic pig.

  3. Aren't they using First Kernow in Cornwall? So maybe First Oh Arh for Devon?

  4. With the amount of Contra Vision applied for the Marjon advertisement it certainly made the interior gloomy for the passengers. Even on a bright sunny day, exterior vision was considerably reduced. On a dull day and in the dark it was very difficult to see out through the windows at all. The Contra Vision had a tendency to reflect the interior lighting back. Does anyone know the effect that this has for customers who are partially sighted. I would have thought the use of such high levels of this advertising material would have made it quite difficult for them? On a positive note at least it has now been removed from this particular vehicle, hopefully for good!

    1. certainly agree with you there. The Marjon bus was one of the worst ones for visibility as it was very gloomy.

  5. I agree with Nick (to coin a phrase from the last General Election), these buses are regulary used on the Tavi routes and are sheds. Listen it trying to pull away from the Whitchurch turn towards Grenofen and you will understand.


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