25 September 2012

Citybus Timetables: 20

Continuing our route by route look at the forthcoming timetables for Plymouth Citybus (11th November 2012)

Route 20


PH0000135/95 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth, Royal Parade and Steer Park, Down Road given service number 20 effective from 11-Nov-2012. To amend Route and Timetable.


Service to Mudge Way via Glen road has been restored with Services operating from Sandy Road Plympton to Mudge Way then into Woodford before continuing to the City Centre via Lipson Vale. On most journeys once the bus has reached the City Centre will continue as the Service 42 to Derriford Hospital. Other changes to the Service 20 include the introducing of a Sunday day service and the routeing of the Service to operate from Strode Road then Glen Road to Mudge Way thus restoring a number of local links to Woodford.

CB20 New

Full Citybus Timetable 20

Plymothian Transit Extra 20

Plymnouth Citybus 064 WJ52GOE


  • Back at the end of August, we were kindly notified by one our readers of yet another ARP shelter discovery at the site of a new building to be constructed on the Plymouth University Campus & we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to document it's passageways before demolition began. Hidden Plymouth
  • David Bell has come across a couple of photographs of Norfolk Green's Optare Spectras whilst they were with their original operator Reading Buses Andys Bus Blog
  • But therein lies a snag; and it's a snag which is not at all uncommon in public transport information. The timetable and the map don't match. Four of the time points on the table are simply not shown on the map. Public Transport Experience
  • Julian Patterson at Konectbus has kindly sent us some photographs of one of the new buses taken at the ADL factory in Falkirk last week.. Andys Bus Blog
  • So which way is the bread industry going? Re-regulation, quality contracts or what? Ever since this vital product was deregulated more than 25 years ago, controversy has raged. Of course, we mustn’t overlook that in certain parts of the UK, bread deregulation was never introduced. Omnibuses


  1. Yeh, but now it's taking over the 22 running thru Laira & Lipson, there's no evening services from Marsh Mills, which means I've got to go into town now & come back out again, just to get home to Lipson! Not happy!

  2. I can see where you're coming from - the level of service from Plympton to Lipson has considerably decreased.

    Though on the other hand the return of Sunday services and the return of it serving Mudge Way is very welcome!

    The only thing I would say is it would be very difficult for the bus to turn from Mudge Way into Glen Road through that awful mini roundabout. It's bad enough in a car - Citybus will most likely receive lots of complaints from car drivers about near misses.



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