06 August 2012

The Last Few..

Part two of the round up of former Plymouth City Transport buses still holding on…

JJY/G batch survivors 222/228/9/30/34 all in Australia- non preserved

JJY 634G
©Peter Kane former JJY634G


MCO/H batch known survivors 254/256/260 in Canada -260 is accident damaged obviously mystery of 253 never solved.-non preserved Halligan (Poole Bay Buses), Bournemouth (DT) MCO 251H Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Ian Kirby
Exeter Road, Bournemouth 25th May 1987
NDR/J batch only known survivor no.9 -not yet preserved PCB Leyland Atlantean PDR 9 - Ply., Parking Ply. Argyle - 07-1983
© Jos van Hemert, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Milehouse July 1983

Thanks as ever to Jason Beverley at the PCTPG for the updates




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