28 June 2012

The last few

Jason Beverley provides us with an update on former Plymouth City Transport stock:

  • TCO batch only known survivor 137-preserved
Plymouth Citybus 137 TCO537
  • VDR batch only known survivors are 140 and 144 both down under-semi preserved
  • WJY batch only known survivor 158/458 –preserved



  • YCO batch no known survivors
  • BDR/B batch no known survivors
  • DDR/C/D batch only known survivor 201-preserved


  • FJY/E batch only known survivor 214 –preserved
More to follow...

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Found on the Net

  • This is a collection of 3D maps of London Underground/DLR stations - at the moment, only ones I know well, but hopefully expanding to cover more if I get help or detailed station plans. 3D Station Maps

In the News

  • Transport group Stagecoach has posted a small drop in underlying profits after seeing revenue growth at its rail division slip behind schedule. BBC News Scotland


  • Service reliability is not as good as that provided by the older "real" ships with trips cancelled when the weather is rough. "Disgusted of Dunoon" is a regular correspondent spitting venom via the local press. Public Transport Experience
  • Certainly the operations left are not where First likes to play, being predominately rural. I rather fear that the First East Scotland saga is not over yet Omnibuses

1 comment:

  1. I love the picture of 201.

    Everything at crazy angles - including the bus!


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