29 June 2012

Where have I seen that before?

Helms Coaches ©Chris Elsby: April 2012 Chester
Plymouth Citybus 312 JSK265


  • I’m no expert on non-emergency health transport. I’m not much of an expert on Arriva, really. But the two are increasingly converging. Omnibuses
  • The selection of watercraft used over the years has been a lot more stable than that of the bus scene over the past 7 years, although that is most certainly not to say that standards haven't been improved. PTOTPA
  • Before motoring became the norm and before roads became universally navigable, the various steamer services were the only public transport to the dozens of small lochside villages. Public Transport Experience

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  1. Certainly look similar. Ulsterbus used to use a very similar layout (although using different colours)on their Plaxton coaches - http://www.flickr.com/photos/33672038@N05/6903491913/

  2. Interesting Ben - not seen that one before!


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