09 August 2012

Ivybridge Fares

Plymouth Citybus have added the fares chart to their new timetable for the 45 service. I can see the £2 return fare being very popular in week one.

Plymouth CityBus A4 Landscape Timetable

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  1. Well I was thinking that maybe just maybe PCB would think well we are adding a route to Ivybridge yes it's a little outside our normal area but we cant be bothered with a new fare structure for just one route so we'll keep the fares as they would be for say Plympton.

    This has not happened. It will be £3 single, £4 day return from Ivybridge to Plymouth. £4.50 for a day ticket £20 for 1 week and £70 for 4 weeks. The fares are not excessive by any means but suggestive to me of perhaps more to come outside of Plymouth which can be included in this £4 area.

    Will Tavistock be next with perhaps the 85? Then Torpoint and Rame with the 80? Maybe a fast link to Torquay and Paignton - the X45?


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