06 July 2012


Part 5 of our Royal Blue series: EDV502D Bristol MW6G ECW P1100705 Royal Blue EDV502D

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  1. overheard a conversation on bus this morning between to drivers

    Olympic double deckers are leaving city next tuesday but will return mid august

    Clapped out red single deckers are going to barnstaple and we are getting a number of tridents in return to cover the park and ride services

  2. Not what I heard.

    Enviro's leave tomorrow whilst Cornwall Deckers cover the Park & Rides, More ex-London Marshall Bodied Darts are at Chealson ready to operate in Cornwall. About 12 I beleive!

    One of the Plymouth Tridents has been painted into the new Livery already.

  3. The Trident repainted into the new livery, 32763, has been transferred to Weymouth.

  4. Here's the repainted Trident:



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