16 June 2012

VOSA strikes again

We are seeing more action on VOSA at the moment than we have seen for a while as summer timetable amendments slowly drop through. Friday saw a few more:


PH0004983/396 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth City Centre and Mainstone given service number 15 effective from 22-Jul-2012. To amend Timetable.

PH0004983/434 - Variation Accepted: Operating between Plymouth, Royal Parade and Elburton Village given service number 7 effective from 22-Jul-2012. To amend Timetable.


PH0006742/51 - Registration Accepted by SN   Starting Point: Milehouse  Finish Point: Coypool  Via: The Citadel, Plymouth Hoe  Service Number: PR4  Service Type: Limited Stop Effective Date: 16-JUL-2012  Other Details: Monday to Friday To operate 5 evenings only for a music festival.

The Target Travel registration is a one-off for a festival. It remains to be seen what the timetable changes are for the 7 and 15. Both of these were reduced to every 30 mins on Saturday afternoons back in December. It would be nice to think they are reverting to 20 mins for the Summer? (or will the 30 mins timetable be applied all week?)

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  1. I would hope they would not be cutting 15 back to 30 min frequency...It seems to do quite well on 20 min frequency and they could kill it if they cut it back.

    Perhaps an extension into the evening !!! (lol) Now I am dreaming!!!

  2. Perhaps all buses to Mainstone again...not one terminating at Asda???

  3. Just before the start of the Olympics... I have a feeling this coulb be cuts to free up additional buses for Olympic routes... hopefully not one of those temporary cuts that then never get reversed !!! Remember the old No.7 to Woolwell, frequency cut during Derriford roadworks for timekeeping, never returned to previous frequency then axed!!!


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