08 June 2012

Still going strong

I do like these buses…

First 34615 K615LAE First 34616 K616LAE

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  • What this all tells us is that these tables have been created by an unthinking idiot; aka a computer system! With a little thought and an intelligent human "brain", much of the above obfuscation could be edited out. But, why bother? It's on the database; it must be right! Public Transport Experience
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  1. I don't! Drove them in Bristol at Muller Road and they were a heap of ****. Always breaking down; appalling interiors. Hazard switch shattered all the time in your hands. Crud!

  2. Soon to be the front line Park & Ride vehicles?

  3. Hahah! Wouldn't be surprised if that was the case - I saw a Trident in the AOA Squares chocolate bars on the PR2 on Wednesday.

  4. Have the E400's gone? I saw 10178? arrive in Plymouth in the week in it's yellow livery.... Saw one on the SN05 reg's on PR1 this week too

  5. Don't think all the E400s have gone, I saw two of them on the PR1 on Wednesday. Some could well have gone though!

  6. There were certainly still E400s on PR1 this last week.

  7. I have seen 33661 today and 33666, 33667, 33662, 33665, 33659 and 33661 yesterday, so 6 of them are certainyl still around

  8. they're not going anywhere till the olympics! then afterward rumoured to be going to leeds, don't forget the park and ride routes are comercially run now so first can put what ever they want on them!
    there is a pr2 car working that does pr2 first then 76's so it is normally a dart or b6

  9. Rumoured to be some ex Manchester Deckers coming down for PR's.


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