07 June 2012

Optare Takeover

I had a pleasant surprise on the 15 home from Derriford yesterday in the shape of this rather tidy Optare Solo. Much better than the usual Volvo B6BLEs. The other 15s I observed on the way home were both Optare Excels which I have not seen on the 15 before. One of them causing issues broken down at Asda. It had been fixed by the time I came out of Asda though. Asda does seem to be a favourite location for broken First buses! It is school holidays so you do tend to get a different mix of buses to the norm but hopefully we will be seeing more of these on the 15...
First 53827 YK05CDO

Just out of interest, I have only just noticed that this bus carries the name Thomas Newcomen, who I believe created the first  practical steam engine for pumping water. Presumably this is from its time down in Cornwall, this bus originating with Truronian.

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  • All transport on the Isle is state run, none of this privatisation nonsense there; which would explain why information is, unusually, comprehensive and comprehensible. Public Transport Experience
  • I know that the Go Ahead board knows what it’s doing. I know that the potential purchase of H C Chambers of Bures nr Colchester would be a strategic move to consolidate Go Ahead’s position in England’s east. Omnibuses


  1. This bus is in Discover Dartmouth livery, I think Thomas Newcomen was born in Dartmouth

  2. Probably 62949 that Jacked. Limp that Bus.

    Plan is to put the Torpoint Tridents (32761/2/3) onto P&R's when the E400 return to London.

  3. yeah its normally a dartmouth car working, it was named as part of the 300th anniversary celebrations in dartmouth

  4. who told u that new deckers?

  5. 32759 is on 08:10 out of Geogre Jn this Morning

  6. Last 'info' is a Small Batch of Deckers are being brought in from Manchester to Cover the E400's on PR's.


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