05 June 2012

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

We have been used to buses apologising for not being in service
Plymouth Citybus 002 N102UTT
but it seems they are not all sorry... Plymouth Citybus 009 N109UTT

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  1. Of course they are not sorry! If they were sorry the bus would be in service. The "Not in Service" is a simple fact; so that the passenger isn't surprised if the bus drives past a stop. To use the word "sorry" is, frankly, plain silly.

  2. But a bus cannot be sorry, it doesn't have feelings!

  3. The 'Sorry I'm' part was lost around this time last year when Citybus replaced the style of the destination displays, to comply with new guidelines/regulations, where the route number had to be on the right hand side. Having the destinations on two lines wasn't (and still isn't) compulsory, it's just that Citybus felt it would make it more readable especially to those with sight impairments. They changed the style of the Citaros destinations in May last year, (probably just as a trial), then then it was gradually introduced on the entire fleet over the next three months. Buses with LED displays display 'Sorry I'm Not In Service', and the East Lancs B7s display 'I'm Not In Service' on the top display, then 'Sorry' on the bottom one. It's just the Darts with the dot matrix/flipdot displays that just display 'Not in Service'.


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