05 June 2012

Go Ahead News: Another purchase soon

Bures-based H.C. Chambers & Sons Ltd, which runs regular services in west Suffolk and Essex and also specialises in transport for people with disabilities, could be purchased by one of Britain’s largest bus operators, Go-Ahead. The national company has a fleet of around 3,900 vehicles

Martin Dean, managing director of Go-Ahead, confirmed that the company was in consultation with Chambers over the proposed deal and that current drivers had been informed by letter about the possibility of the takeover, as part of the consultation. He did not want to comment officially, as the deal has not yet been agreed.

Full story: EADT 5 June

There have been plenty of stories going around that this was on the cards with many reporting it as a done deal. Clearly not quite there yet.

Chambers S233RLH
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Steven Hughes


  1. As long as they keep their hands off First operations in Plymouth area, I don't mind!!!

  2. I don't know if it's a done deal or not but Hedingham have moved out of their (underused) Sudbury depot and Chambers moved their vehicles in to it on Sunday 3rd. Ironically Hedingham were in negotiations to take over Chambers circa 1970 but the sale fell through at the very last moment

  3. I would like Western Greyhound, Transdev, Stagecoach, Rotala to take over First Devon & Cornwall's operations. None of the above could do a worse job than First, perhaps Veolia would be on a par with them though.


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