27 April 2012


I have only just caught up with this, but if you are in Plymouth tomorrow morning (Saturday 28th) there is some steam action to be had...
British Railways 34067 TANGMERE Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by IngyTheWingy

There are actually two steam tours visiting Plymouth so if you are at Plymouth Station you should be able to get both

Timetables here and here

Elsewhere on the net

  • Just as in 2011 I found myself at The Transport Museum, Wythall on Easter Monday. Rather like the BVBG events in Bristol the timetable's not too complex but plenty of rides on museum vehicles are available around the beautiful neighbouring Worcestershire and Warwickshire countryside Transport Illustrated
  • Boris, Christian Wolmar and Bob Crow should all have a chummy weekend away in Paris and see how a really busy underground network can be run; without drivers! Public Transport Experience
  • Is it ever acceptable to have no stock of bus timetables at a bus enquiry office? I ask this question because two almost adjacent south coast operators were without them. Omnibuses

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