30 April 2012

Seventy Seven

One of my favourite blogs out there is the Southern England Bus Scene as it covers an area I am very fond of having been born in Portsmouth and spending a lot of happy times there. The latest post is part of the Sunday Lost Scenes and covers Plymouth Citybus route 77. It was then I came across this route 77 in Plymouth, although this is Western Nationals 77 which I am sure was a Royal Parade to Barne Barton route although I cant recall why it wasn't just the 7 as it had been for many years. (Thinking about it, it may have been the old & split with the 7 running from town to Plymstock with the Barne Barton end becoming the 77?)

Western National 1100 SFJ100R
©Jos Van Hemeert
Western National Bristol VR 1100 SFJ100R - Ply., Andrew's Cross - 17-07-1987

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  • Today, I managed to grab my first shots of buses along the Fareham - Gosport Bus Rapid Transit road. The busway sees brand new Volvo B7RLEs on the Eclipse services, along with Barbie livered Darts on the X88. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Now substantially repanelled, ex-Hants & Dorset Lodekka SRU981 was shunted today in preparation for the final stages of preparation for repainting Busworks
  • Good Morning Mr Phelps. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find your way from Stratford bus station (just out of picture bottom left) to Stratford International Docklands Light Railway [DLR] Station which is ... erm ... somewhere else. Public Transport Experience
  • Some further steps forward on the restoration of Fylde Atlantean 79 (HRN99N) have been made in recent weeks Busworks
  • No one can accuse Yellow Buses of having a boring fleet. In fact, there’s yet more variety at Yeoman’s Way than at Heinz. Dorset Bus Blog
  • If, in the wake of the government-sponsored bus role for Passenger Focus, you thought that the National Federation of Bus Users was going to lie down and die, think again. Omnibuses
  • Plymouth Citybus once operated the route connecting Plymouth and Liskeard by bus. Southern England Bus Scene
  • With the saturation levels whacked right up the Nikon is able to make WA54 OLT look brand new once more, even on such a dull day as today has been PTOTPA
  • Today was the Exmouth Vintage Bus Running Day, by the Devon General Society, at Exmouth Bus Station. Torbay Bus Routes
  • The Leyland National was a landmark design. Leyland had absorbed several chassis makers with a range of vehicles and attempted to replace them with a single integral design developed in a joint venture with the National Bus Company. Fylde Bus Blog


  1. I lived down in Plymouth at that time, and can't remember a 77. Perhaps this was a driver being lazy with the blinds on a 7?

  2. No, I am pretty sure the destin is correct. There was a 77 I just cant remember why!

  3. I saw the First 'First in Cornwall' rebranded bus at the weekend in Truro area. Sp perhaps there is no sale on the cards as rumoured. Sop is First here going to be Plymouth or Devon ???

  4. At the time it was about the time when citybus was operating services into plymstock and to make the 7 service more reliable it was split from barne barton with 77 opetating this services, if i remember correctly


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