03 March 2012

Gdynia Way

May 2010
Gdynia Way
August 2010 Closed
November 2011
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  • 168 will be re-living her past career all in one day, re-tracing steps of years gone by on various routes she completed over her 25 year career. PTOTPA
  • By-passing Newbury and a ferroequinological "diversion" Public Transport Experience
  • Premiere Travel of Nottingham has gained something of a reputation across the industry, particularly for their “attacks” on Trent Barton services. Omnibuses
  • Operators have slowly woken up to the fact that the internet is now the most important source of their product information. But when they did, developments have been quick. In recent years, operators’ web pages have become much richer and more inviting. Omnibuses
  • Just as an aside, West Berkshire Council doesn't seem to know where Sandham Memorial Chapel is; it's more-or-less at the site of the former Highclere Station. Public Transport Experience
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