28 February 2012

Bendy Stagecoaches

With all this talk of bendy bus operation in Plymouth its easy to forget that we have had proper bendy bus operation in Plymouth before. Stagecoach operated these two bendy coaches on the X38 Plymouth - Exeter service for a year or so. Can anyone supply us with the date range that these coaches were down here? I know it wasn't that long before they want back North and the service reverted back to hourly with standard Volvo Plaxton coaches.
Stagecoach P563MSX Stagecoach P564MSX

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      1. Fleet numbers at Exeter were 851 and 852. They were in use in 2002 but withdrawn before 2004. Best I can do at the moment Graham

      2. IIRC with SCD from 3/01 to 12/02

      3. In service with scd aprox 03/01 to 03/02,moved on by end 02.


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