29 February 2012

Atlantean Sunday

The last few posts have been discussing what will be running on the streets on Plymouth so today lets have a reminder of what used to run on our streets. This Sunday the PCTPG will be running Atlantean 168 on a tour of some of routes that it used to run.

For more details you can contact Mike Hudson via his Facebook page HERE

You can view a detailed history of 168 here


Recommended Links

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  • As the network in London reaches capacity it quickly becomes clear that choices will need to be made between providing paths for freight vs passenger, and that might actually require reductions in passenger services. London Reconnections
  • Now, it’s not unusual for an infrequently used vehicle to have flat batteries, especially in the Winter, but our friend has history. Since I’ve had it, we’ve had no fewer than four battery disasters 270KTA
  • The House of Commons transport select committee begins taking oral evidence today as part of its inquiry into the Competition Commission’s report into the bus industry. The industry has already been invited to present written evidence, the deadline for which was 17 February. Omnibuses
  • But a really brave adventurer might, just might, look around and away from the sign's direction; might, just might, find the aforementioned steps and might, just might, be macho enough to find his way to the bus station in half the time. Public Transport Experience
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