15 December 2011

Royal Blue

Continuing the blue theme, Plymouth Citybus were not the first to paint their coaches in a smart blue livery...
Western National 1250 (LTA 729)
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Ian Kirby

Recommended Links

  • The new order on the Lyme Regis town service are Damory Optare Solos, since the contract was won from First earlier on this year. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Arriva Scotland West, inheritors of Clydeside Buses that was once part of the great Western SMT, is set to sell lock stock and barrel to McGill’s, seeing Arriva depart Scotland altogether. To think it once traded as “Arriva serving Scotland” which, to the casual observer, implies something grander than it actually was Omnibuses
  • But a bit like those motoring journalists who find fault with the ash tray or shape of the gear stick, there has to be something to grump about! And there is. Public Transport Experience

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