16 December 2011

Red and Red

Although the postings this week have had a distinct blue tinge we go back to the very red livery of Plymouth Citybus with these first shots of Mercedes Citaro 85, the first of the type to receive the new garb. All I can say is “very nice”

Plymouth Citybus 085 Plymouth Citybus 085 Plymouth Citybus 085 WJ55HLO Plymouth Citybus 085 WJ55HLO

©Brian George

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  1. It's very nice, But I am still worried that the design has no room for external advertising for companies... On board advertising helps to reduce fares.

  2. In two minds about this one. It's certainly more modern in style, but the previous livery definitely suited the Citaro's lines much better, especially in breaking up the single block of colour at the front and picking out the 'grille'.

    Would also be nice if the badging was put back on, especially on the rear window.

  3. Guessing that if they have repainted a Citaro, it does mean we are likely to be keeping them for a while.

  4. I think 134 is next on the list to be done, it was sitting at in the depot by the bus wash on tuesday, with its front sanded down

  5. mike hudson PCTPG16 December 2011 at 22:50

    jared if on board advertising reduced fares then all our buses would wear adverts!

  6. 134 is next in-line for a repaint.

  7. 134 and 135 are next in line to be painted, the N reg darts won't be repainted as the new Wright bodied Volvos will replace them. The repaint plan now is:

    Anything between 13-27

  8. wonder if any of the n's will be preserved

  9. "wonder if any of the n's will be preserved"

    A far more worthy cause then yet another Atlantean..

  10. I think the PCTPG will definitely preserve one of them at least; they were the first fleet of low floor buses to enter service with PCB.

  11. And you would want to preserve one of the N reg Darts because ............ They are hardly an iconic vehicle.

  12. I know they aren't anywhere near as special as an Atlantean, however they were the first fleet of low floor vehicles to enter service with PCB. The ones most likely to be preserved are the ones registered on June 7th 1996, rather than the ones registered on July 1st 1996. If that's the case, then the preserved ones would probably be either 1,2,4 or 5; all these were registered on June 7th, 3,7,8,9,10 and 12 were all registered on 01/07/1997

  13. "They are hardly an iconic vehicle."

    Like them or not, The Dennis Dart is responsible for near single-handedly changing the landscape of the entire industry not once, but twice. Firstly by offering a modern and lightweight replacement at precisely the right time for thousands of worn out single deckers, and also capitalising and building upon the gains made by the minibus revolution. Secondly, the Dart SLF was the first example of a truly successful low floor bus in the UK, in not just reliability but also operator and passenger appeal.

    I'd rate the importance of a Dart over an Atlantean any day..


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