29 November 2011

The lady Vanishes

Spot the difference:
Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW
Plymouth Citybus 067 WA03BHW 

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  • So fbb guesses that the stop (with no pavement and on a lethal blind corner) can still be used by the suicidally brave. Public Transport Experience
  • The second hand bus market’s been if not flooded then certainly whelmed with newish stock that was once operated by Veolia. Someone’s got to benefit from Veolia’s decision to sell property, assets and a surprising number of vehicles that were reportedly owned rather than leased Omnibuses
  • Trews Weir and Trews Weir Suspension Bridge early this morning November 28th, 2011 TGP


  1. The top one's gpt an advert for "Key" on it. Do I win the prize. But which one is newer?

  2. Sorry, I meant the bottom one. I should try waking up. The blog headline answers my previous question! It is only 0518!

  3. In the first picture the driver is sitting halfway down the bus, but in the second one he's at the front.

    The offside wing mirror has been flipped the wrong way up in the second pic.

    The second picture has seen more work on Photoshop.

    One has a war memorial, lamppost and a Ferris wheel attached to the roof. The other just has a big aquamarine post stuck to it..

  4. The distinctive 'banana bus' effect seems more pronounced in the top picture, so I guess that's the later picture!

  5. Should have made it clearer - the bottom picture is the latest one!

    The change being The Key advertising replacing the previous branding. I guess with the new livery its easy to change the 'advert' to whatever they want to promote at the time.

  6. just looking at the 'blind' on the second one. It is a pity that the long-standing Efford - Laira - City Centre (or something similar) is no longer used...

  7. All destination boards/screens now have to be all on one line, and the service number has to be on the right hand side. This however means that for long destination names it is very 'thin' and difficult to read; e.g. 'Tamerton Foliot 42'/'Derriford Hospital 50' are very difficult to read, especially from a distance.

    The board text I think you're on about is something like:

    'Efford and Laira
    via Lipson Vale' 9

    I thought that was excellent; gave a perfect description of the route while still being very easy to read, even on older dot-matrix/green displays.


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