28 October 2011

Westcountry Ambulance 1998

Over the years I have been interested in the local ambulance fleet I have seen the fleet go from separate Devon and Cornwall fleets merging into the Westcountry Ambulance and then further merges with Somerset and Dorset resulting in the current South Western Ambulance Trust. It now seems that there is to be a further merger with the Great Western Ambulance Trust which covers Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol. It even appears possible that they will take on the white elephant Fire Service Control Centre at Taunton which was so disastrously set up by the previous Labour government.
So lets have a look back to 1998 with some archive shots I have started scanning recently... Westcountry Ambulance F768SBK Westcountry Ambulance M239UYD Westcountry Ambulance N113EVX

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  1. Are you still interested in ambulances ? If so, any chance of some from the Plymouth area? You had some good photographs on flickr but they all seem a bit old nowadays. Now that Great Western Ambulance have merged with SWAS and cover a much larger area, it makes keeping up to date with the fleet much more difficult ! Andy from Cheltenham


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