27 October 2011

Torpoint Trident?

I was surprised to see 32762 at Derriford Hospital on Wednesday. Seeing a Trident at Derriford is not that unusual but this one was on the 81C which is a Torpoint bus so is more usually one the the Tamar Link Tridents. Does this mean that 32762 has been modified for use on the Torpoint Ferry? Come to think of it, do the Torpoint Tridents actually need to be modified these days?

This photo was taken back in 2007. 32762 has been the NSPCC bus for a few years but is now back in Barbie livery and looking very smart.

First 32762 WJ55CRZ

Sorry for the late post. That's the trouble with setting up the days post after midnight – when I set it to go live ‘tomorrow’ I didn't realise it was already tomorrow – so it ended up skipping a day!


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  1. 32762 often finds it way on to the Torpoint routes, even before it was repainted back to barbie. It is often X80 too. 43810 which is used mainly for 81s etc has spent a couple of days on the 5 this week.

  2. What needed to be modified for the ferry?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Come on Graham, I think you need to keep a better eye on PTOTPA ;-)

    32762 has been on Torpoint routes since August 2009. The only modification these need are ferry lifts which are added to the suspension to give them extra height, but they no longer require the 'chopping off' of the ends, although, this would help on many occasions where the front does catch the ground!

    Also, the livery it wore was for Save the Children, rather than the NSPCC as you've stated.


  5. Thanks Laurence - I knew it was a childrens charity - just picked the wrong one!


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