17 October 2011

Quick step back into service

I really did expect the days of Plymouth Citybus step entrance Darts to be over, and in a way they are. However, 119 L119YOD is now under the ownership of the expanding Jacketts Coaches and was in use on their X85 Plymouth – Barnstaple service on Saturday. I am not sure of the total running time of this service as the timetable does not appear on their web site yet but I am sure it will feel like a long time in one of these.

Sorry I was unable to get a photograph of 119 in her new guise but if you can imagine the picture below but without the Citybus fleet names then you are there! I guess as the other Darts with Jacketts are in London red then they wont be in a hurry to repaint her.

Plymouth Citybus 119 L119YOD

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  1. Timetable's up here: http://www.jackettscoaches.com/Timetables/x85.pdf

    One journey a day each way, 2h 40m. Barnstaple to Plymouth first, then back again, so it's an overnight stay for any Plymothians wanting to take the trip!


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