06 August 2011

Another one saved

"Your viewers may like to know this Dennis Dart has just been added to preservation being aquired by Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group member who also aquired 53 M53 HOD about 10 days ago. The group continues to go from strength to strength I think you will agree."
Jason Beverley
Plymouth Citybus 116 L116YOD
As you can see - the links are back! I am now almost set up on a brand new laptop with most of the software installed and ready to roll. I still have to rely on a dodgy Wi-Fi internet access which is a bit hit and miss, but at least when it does work I am not waiting for ages for my computer to do something. Hopefully back to regular posting from this time onwards...

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  • Some northern express services adopt a far more flexible approach to stopping places than those south of Hardrian’s Wall. Omnibuses
  • Jacketts' new X5 service commenced operation last Monday, operating from Plymouth to Truro via as many places as is possible to cram into 2hr 45minute journey! PTOTPA
  • We’re are own worst enemies. We go on holiday but can’t, won’t or daren’t let go. In many case, I suspect it’s the last of these that drives us to answer our emails while away. Omnibuses
  • I've passed my PCV test, and now have a full licence to drive buses and coaches! 270KTA
  • Devonian Motor Services now operate this semi-opentop Leyland Olympian, A146 OFR on their service around Paignton PTOTPA
  • The big news in terms of modular running is not that Stagecoach is passing its Manchester trams to RATP. Omnibuses
  • My only photographic trip in July was once more into Hampshire, initially to visit the excellent Alton Rally that I'd enjoyed so much in 2010. Transport Illustrated
  • Whilst on a visit to Scarnif with the MTN tours in 2007 & 2008 I took photos of this vehicle. As my memory has faded with age I would appreciate comments. TGP Photos Unlimited

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