05 September 2011

Schools Back!

This week is back to school week for most pupils which means the buses get filled with lots of noisy school children. Cant wait!
There do not seem to have been many changes to Citybus school bus services for the new school year. Way back in June Citybus put in a few changes on VOSA to services 4S

Another new route registration on VOSA at the same time was for the 117:

The other change on the original VOSA notice back in April was a timetable change on the 26. There is no sign of this on the Citybus web site so I assume that it has been cancelled and the service just continues as it was.

Target Travel have a new page on their web site for services as from 5th September: It announces quite a few changes, some of which had passed me by till now…
The 7D sees a few extra morning and evening runs added to the old timetable

The 18 starts slightly earlier and ends slightly later with one extra journey added to what was run before, but the times have changed completely with the Royal Parade departure now at 45 mins rather than at 20 mins as it was before.

The 19 sees a slight reduction in service. The Cattedown section gets split out as a 19A and only has a couple morning and evening runs with the Plympton 19 running hourly inbetween

The 39 has a radical makeover with the bus now going all over the place which helps fill in a lot of the gaps. It now serves Deer Park, Austin Farm and up to Asda.

Another major change for the 46/47 routes which Target took over last year. The simple hourly service has been replaced with a complicated timetable which incorporates the 46S 47S schools services. Target have now purchased some double deckers so hopefully we will get to see them on the road this week.

The final change for now is one which surprised me as I have not seen any publicity at Derriford Hospital about it, although I guess there would have been on-bus publicity as the 60 Park and Ride is cut by half and is now every twenty mins instead of every ten. I can see that causing problems at tea time tomorrow when people want to get home. Lets hope it isnt too busy on the roads...

As usual you can see more detail, and view past time tables for these services on my Plymothian Transit Extra site.

Dont forget that some Citybus fares go up today along with the loss of children (on bus) fares before 09:30. I expect my bus to be late this morning!

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  1. Any ideas what the Deckers are?

  2. The first double i have seen in target livery is L116 YDM. Not sure where she came from

  3. I believe they are ex Dublin Olympians which have come down from an operator in Merseyside

  4. That was my orignal suspicion as i couldn't any pics of her on Google

  5. I feel quite sorry for Target, as I never see anyone using their services.

  6. I must say that every time I see a Target bus it is empty... they seem to have the routes First and Citybus don't want|!!!!!!

    First have just announced their price increases to start September 11th following on from Citybus's 2nd increase in less than 3 months...notice with the exception of Child fares are adult single/return and dayticket prices are held, with minimal increases on season tickets..is this First turning up the anti on Citybus...as from today they are way cheaper than Citybus on most fares and could esily have followed with increases of their own ???? I think thet should advertise their fares on bus stops as people still seem to think Citybus are cheaper????

  7. Looking at the Target changes in detail, it is quite significant -
    - Cattedown is now served mainly by the 7D - the 19A provdes peak hour extras only.
    - Austin Farm to Asda is now mainly the amended 39, as the 47 tends to only go as far as Asda and omits Austin Farm/Leigham
    - The 47 is extended to provide a service between Whitleigh and Ernesettle at last!
    - Does the last 46 provide the first ever through service from Higher Compton and Efford to Plympton?

  8. These routes were cut by other operators cos nobody used them...something that Target seem to be used to though!!!


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