28 September 2011

Citybus: there’s an app for that.

Plymouth Citybus have an interesting item on their web site:

We have teamed up with Placr to bring you a new way to get travel updates and bus times whilst on the move.

909The new mobile web app will allow you to either scan the QR code on the right or visit placr.mobi from your smart phone to get the most up to date information on traffic updates and bus times. The site has been professionally designed so that it works specifically on your smart phones screen.

The site will even locate where you are so you can search for your nearest bus stop. The site is really easy to use and within a couple clicks you can see exactly what time the bus arrives at the stop and it's onward route, along with any relevant travel information for that route.

Either select to look up a route by number or use the nearest stop function to enable the devise to locate the nearest stops to you.





One of the main features of the app is that you can see activity on the route you have chosen. For instance if you choose route 43, by clicking on the activity button it will show you any travel updates on this route and allow you, via twitter to add to the conversation about the route.

For more information on this visit Placr website





More on this to follow once I have had a play.

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  1. Hi there. I'm a developer at placr. Thanks for trying out placr.mobi . It's fairly simple at the moment, but sometimes that's all you need with a mobile app right? But we are working on various ideas and improvements which you'll hopefully be seeing in the coming months. We're also really interested to see how the 'activity' feature gets used by bus travellers. Plymouth is our main test area right now, so we hope you like it!


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