13 August 2011

Yep it really is blue!

New Plymouth Citycoach Livery_ ©Tom Pearce
Thanks to Tom for a quick first glimpse of the new Plymouth City Coach livery. Stunning!

I started the business in November 2010 after meeting Chris Dawson and being inspired to be like him so I decided to put my enthusiasm for buses into a business and came up with the idea of southwest bus. My first advert was put into the bus and coach preservation mag this month And We Will Be at Torquay Rally with Small Stall. Website: www.southwestbusmodels.co.uk 

Tom Pearce


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  • My final post from Weymouth - this is a round up of the other services in the town with a heavy bias towards First, as South West Coaches haven't really changed since my last visit nearly a year ago. Southern England Bus Scene
  • On his blog yesterday evening, Leon Daniels paid tribute to platform & admin staff in London for the way in which they carried on during this week’s civil disturbances. Omnibuses
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