14 August 2011

Flickr Sunday Best: WDR665M, Plymouth City, No.65.

©Andy Riley
Exeter Coach Station.

With all the focus on the new Citycoach livery
we end the week with one of the earliest citybus 'coach' liveries with this superb shot of Leyland National 65 which was a decent bus with very comfortable seats, and therefore ideal for the run to Exeter.

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  1. Are there any surviving Plymouth City Nationals?

  2. All research currently suggests no even the last known survivor cru 146L or WDR 666M in disguise is now gone for scrap. See plymouth city tansport .co .uk for more info on some surviving Plymouth buses of times gone by.

  3. Several were modified and exported to Australia don't know if any survive out there. Perhaps less chance of them rusting away?

  4. I drove that bus on the 20/21 route in the mid 70's.When it was taken off,had a brand new double decker GDR208N


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