10 August 2011

PVL Run Down Part 2

A run down of the current state of play regarding the Volvos from Go Ahead London with Plymouth Citybus.
Plymouth Citybus 425 Y828TGH
Plymouth Citybus 426 Y808TGH
Plymouth Citybus 427 Y812TGH
Plymouth Citybus 428 Y813TGH
Plymouth Citybus 429 Y827TTGH

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  1. I imagine that Citybus are working non stop to get the full fleet on the road ready for the fireworks next week...

  2. I noticed that all Plymouth Citybus vehicles were moved away from the front of the depot last night, especially the double deckers!!

    Me thinks they were trying to avoid having their buses smashed up and torched similar to those in London riots!

    Very sensible!


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