09 August 2011

PVL Run down Part 1

A run down of the current state of play regarding the Volvos from Go Ahead London with Plymouth Citybus.
Plymouth Citybus 420 W509WGH
Plymouth Citybus 421 W511WGH
422, 423
Didnt get either of these two on camera but at least one of them was in the paint shop at the time

424Plymouth Citybus 424 X558EGK
The others to follow tomorrow!

Elsewhere on the net

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  1. 317 is having her new lick of paint today, wonder what she is going to look like?

  2. I am guessing it will be in the Go South Coast Blue - but that is just a guess!
    Other than 'expect something different' they were not giving us any clues

  3. is 317 the driver traing vehicle you posted b4?

  4. No, she is the new coach!

  5. SPD 29 is now all white in Plymouth Art Show colours. 317 will be all blue with white swirls.

  6. Also Target Travel have purchased their first double deck bus. Reg on it is L116 YDM, appears to be a Leyland/Volvo Olympian with Alexander bodywotk possibly ex Belfast


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