01 June 2011

Truronian Twilight

News which will surprise no one:
Truronian Holidays will cease trading on 1 November because of "difficult trading and economic conditions", its owners First Devon and Cornwall said.
Truronian Holidays will honour all pre-booked trips until that date where the required numbers had been met, it said. All driving staff will move to First but two jobs in the firm's Truro shop would be lost, a spokeswoman said.
It was taken over by First in 2008, which said it absorbed the local bus services running under the Truronian name and operated the coach holiday side of the business separately. Robbie Lamerton, general manager for First Devon and Cornwall, said: "After several years of running both companies we have made a decision to focus on scheduled passenger transport services rather than bespoke holiday packages. "Unfortunately a deal to sell the holiday business as a going concern fell through earlier this year so Truronian Holidays will be officially wound down, and will cease trading in the autumn."
BBC Cornwall
It was back in April 2008:
First Devon & Cornwall Ltd has bought Truronian, which operates a number of routes across mid and west Cornwall, as well as holiday coaches. Truronian has about 70 vehicles, including 50 buses and 20 coaches.
It is sad to see how such a large concern can just disappear like this. I am not sure how many of the ex Truronian services are still being run by First but certainly Western Greyhound have taken on some of them. The Eden services are still under First including the articulated Mercedes Citaros. There were rumours that these were being replaced by ex London examples later this year - but we will have to wait and see if that is the case.
TT04TRU TT05TRU TT55TRU Truronian Coaches. With most of the newer ex Truronian buses transferred out of Devon & Cornwall there is still one reminder in Plymouth:
First 40583 260ERY 22 February 2011 Sad to think that the registration of this bus could soon end up being the last reminder of the fleet in Devon & Cornwall.


  1. Shame...but they are really very expensive. Als to be honest I don't think First ever wanted the coach side of the business!!!

  2. They want to concentrate on running buses!!!! Are they having a laugh??? They dont seem to run buses at all well in Cornwall. Running buses is more the domain of Wesrern Greyhound which does a far more superior job of it.
    In relation to bus fare hikes. We havent seen anything yet when bus companies are recieving reduced BSOG, local authority cuts, higher fuel costs and now the competition commision report points towards integrated ticketing and franchise networks outside of London.

  3. It's a shame, but if it doesn't make a profit what can they do?

    Isn't it ironic that the Competition Commission are looking to reduce the competition.


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