20 June 2011


Thanks to Brian George I can bring you this indoor shot of Citybus 420. Not in service yet, but it seems to wont be long now... Plymouth Citybus 420
Brian George


  1. Do they all have centre staircases?

  2. no, only the two w reg buses do, which will be 420 and 421

  3. Looks great, can you get into the depot Didby for some inside shots?

    I wonder what they will be on, they ain't small buses. Assume just schools?

  4. Hate to say it but hasn't PVL109 got the wrong registration on it's front?? I thought it was W509WGH?!

  5. I wondered if anyone else would notice that!

    The registration has already been corrected to W509WGH. Should be on the road very shortly is now just about completed and ready to go.

  6. This bus 420 was out today on Service 36


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