17 June 2011

Gone Gone Gone

Three decent buses no longer with us:
First 34002 K802ORL
Scrapped 2010
First 34619 K619LAE 22 February 2011
Scrapped 2011
First Devon and Cornwall 34117 L817CFJ
Scrapped 2011

Elsewhere on the net

  • Officially titled "A Celebration of Coaching From Cheltenham" this was the second event of this type, the first having been staged in 2009 Transport Illustrated
  • Dorset’s big transport shake-up continues to make headlines. The whole thing’s been quite a long process, giving notice on everything and replanning the lot. Dorset Bus Blog
  • Hooray! Just 52 days to the opening of the Cambridgeshire guided busway, the world’s longest. Omnibuses
  • So what did we get? Huge, remote regional call centres and one national number coupled with a poorly explained way of dialling other regions. Public Transport Experience
  • “Pretty much an eyesore Bay. Nice sand, shame about the view. TGP Photos Unlimited


  • D&G blames the uncertainty of free travel reimbursement reductions and Stoke council’s cuts as the reasons why it is selling to Arriva—to be branded as Wardle. Omnibuses


  1. Believe 34619 still in regular use in Plymouth 34115 has however been scrapped this year

  2. 34002 is still taxed until July, 34115 taxed until August, so not scrapped just yet!

  3. Won't be sorry to see the back of the LAE's.....


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