09 May 2011

Ugoing going…

Danielle shopper goes to Drakes Circus 42784:
First 42784 S684SNG Not any more she dont
First 42784 S684SNG 42784 8 February 2010:
Another Dart looses Ugo branding. It does seem to be a dying breed these days...

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  1. in work we have been told they are doing fresh new vinylls , but we dont beleive this of course!
    lots have come off and none have been replaced, there is still a volvo B6 going around with you go school we go john kitto! of course we dont and its not called john kitto anymore! lol

  2. The Ugobus branding as applied to the glazed areas can make the bus seem dull inside on “grey” days. It also affects visibility from out of the bus, as where the branding is applied to the window area it severely affects the ability to see through it. In my opinion as a customer it is much more pleasant to be able to clearly see where you are going than have advertising on the windows.


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