27 March 2011

Sunday Best M52HOD

PLYMOUTH CITYBUS 52 M52 HOD ©Jason Beverley (PCTAtlanteanHunter)2005 Milehouse
With the end of step entrance Darts getting ever closer its easy to forget the three Volvo B6's which have all been withdrawn but have lasted longer than many expected as they were the odd ones out in the fleet. I believe they are all still around at Milehouse along with quite a few of the step entrance Darts and even a few of the Mercedes 709Ds. There must be quite a sizable 'reserve' fleet at the moment which will grow shortly when the 45-57 routes come next month. Certainly if you want to get the step entrance fleet on camera now is the time to do it!
Can anyone remember what the 'flashes' on the windows are on this bus? I can recall seeing them advertising something or other but cant recall what they were advertising! I am guessing it was the return fares being available all day but was this as recent as 2005?

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  1. hi graham. the flashes were advertising when you could go one stop for 35p. Didn't last long though.....

  2. Now that rings a bell!

    I think it was the short hop fare - up to three stops if I recall correctly - quite useful.

  3. Hi Graham All 3 B6 are still at Milehouse in my photo stream stored in different redundant bus parts of the yard but yes all there on Thursday last week. Step entrance Darts left in use are 107 last K 112/6/7/9-24/127-32 all were noted in service at some point last week 123 even covering for a low floor Dart with problems on a school contract.

  4. To update you on other buses Mercs 276/7/9 are all out of use at Milehouse 282/4/7/8 are only ones in active service all the repainted ones - 283 is also a licensed active reserve at Milehouse in the older livery.Out of use East Lancs Volvos 173/5/6 are also still at Milehouse Volvo Citybuses Alexander 181-8 are all in use on Student link services still 188 F605 GVO is in overall advertising for Larry Speare.

  5. ...finally Dennis Dart 28 is out of use long term with floor accident damage - 10 Plaxton Presidents are on there way from London General for Plympton services by unconfirmed accounts.


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