26 March 2011

The Elite

I only had a 15 minute window and was lucky enough to catch this on camera as I have been after them for a while. Parks HSK645 one of the brand new Plaxton Elite coaches on National Express 504 on Friday.
Parks HSK645 Parks HSK645 In my mind its by far the best looking coach in production. Its amazing that this is from Plaxton!

Elsewhere on the net

  • Two Optare Deltas have joined the ranks of preserved Blackpool Buses. Fylde Bus Blog
  • Okay, it's supposed to be about horses but as ever the Cheltenham Festival produced its usual mix of Stagecoach buses in transit or revived for the week plus coaches joining the throng up to Prestbury Park Transport Illustrated
  • In September 2008, First Hants & Dorset acquired 5 Volvo B10M with Alexander PS bodywork from First in Sheffield for use at Hoeford depot Southern England Bus Scene


  1. 202 is now the new Dennis Dart complete with vinyls from 112

  2. Thanks Rob.

    I am hoping to catch it on camera on Monday!


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