01 February 2011

The Mayflower Returns!

You just never know what First is going to do next but this is a real surprise. Trident 33176 seen here yesterday at The Ride in a full repaint into Mayflower Link livery for the 93. Thanks to John Kowlaski for the photo which was snapped on a camera phone.
First 33176
First 33176 LR02LYV My one and only photo of 33176 taken back in October in standard Barie livery.
First 32802 T802LLC
The original version is seen on 32802 back in July 2007. The biggest change seems to be the blue swish or wave with the Mayflower logo in white. I look forward to seeing a few more of these out and about soon. Well done First for bringing the branding back.

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  1. Also spotted in Plymouth today was a Eden Project bendi-bus

  2. I wondered if it was, A friend of mine mentioned seeing something odd and it sounded like one of them. I assume its for maintenance as they have made a few trips to Plymouth over the last year or so.

  3. All three Eden artics come to Plymouth every 28 days for routine inspections etc

  4. Thanks Marc. I knew they came up occasionally - didnt realise it was that often!


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