15 May 2010

Now and Then: Mayflower Link

Mayflower Link looses the Mayflower

When First revamped the Dartmouth - Plymouth service as the Mayflower Link using ex London Dennis Tridents displaced from the Park & Ride by the new Enviros it was widely agreed that the green livery was one of the best carried by First D&C for many years. Certainly a lot better than the other route branding liveries we see in and out of Plymouth. Its just a shame that it hasn't lasted as the service is now just plain old Barbie liveried buses. They still get the low floor Tridents including this one 32851 seen at Bretonside last week...
First 32851 HIG1519
Just a reminder of what we are missing from back in July 2007 First 32802 T802LLC
Uncle Terry
093: Tread carefully Uncle Terry
TGP - the other Terry!
Fair comes to town
Garden Spheres
Cuts: First Group profits fall
Transport Illustrated
North Somerset Coaches 41st
Leon Daniels
Really good news from London

14 May 2010
FIRST PLYMOUTH: Meet the Manager event. Tuesday 1st June 1030 - 1430. Click here for more information

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  1. 3 of the old Mayflower Tridents are now operating in Cornwall repainted into Barbie 1 (T802/8/46LLC)

  2. Thanks.
    I knew two were down there, wasnt sure about the third one.



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