18 February 2011

Go Ahead in the news

The new livery that will eventually replace the traditional red and white Plymouth Citybus vehicle fleet has been displayed for the first time at the Milehouse Depot. Andrew Wickham, Managing Director at Plymouth Citybus, was joined by Ray Stenning, from the leading London based transport design specialists Best Impressions, as the bus emerged from the paintshop.

With the new logo and graphics applied by the engineering team, the 2003 single deck Denis Dart was driven into the sunshine for final inspection.
“The new design looked exciting on paper but to see the clean, modern design on the bus in the brilliant sunshine had great impact on the eye,” said Andrew Wickham. “Ray and his team have not only created a good looking scheme, but have worked hard to introduce eye catching and informative displays inside to be read by passengers.” He confirmed current red and white paint scheme, introduced from 2003, will be continued to be seen on bus routes for some time.

“Because of the expense, the introduction of the new design will be a gradual process. The next buses to sport the new image will be 10 former London double deck buses that will replace our aging fleet of Dennis Dart buses, built with entrance steps, over 15 years ago. This will ensure that all of our 171 buses will have low floor, easy access for the convenience of wheelchair and baby buggy users and the infirm.”
To those who will fiercely condemn the changes, Andrew Wickham said that other large transport groups would replace buses with just their standard corporate livery.
This is Plymouth

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THE Go Ahead group, the company which bought Plymouth CityBus from Plymouth City Council, today announced it had made £59million in operating profits in the first half of the financial year. Revenue at Go Ahead is up six per cent to £1,132.2million and profits are up 8.9 per cent on the same period last year. The company said financial results were ahead of expectations, bus operating profits were at a record high for a half year and it had carried a record number of passengers
This is Plymouth

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  • It might not be the only way that an operator presents itself but for the non-user, livery is at least initially the most important. In one design, it gives a visual representation of the business and its brand. It sets the tone. Omnibuses


  1. The next batch of deckers could be either of the following:-

    Volvo B7TL Plaxton President
    Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400

  2. They are Plaxton Presidents, I believe X and Y reg

  3. Definitely not ALX400 - they all went to a dealer last year.

  4. I knew it was one or the other!


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