10 January 2011

A very special life after Plymouth

Its funny how some blog postings can change even as you are typing them up. I had typed up an entry reporting the news that a Plymouth Citybus Dennis Dart was due to move to the Isle of Wight to join the Southern Vectis fleet in the near future.
I was then guessing as to what this might be and what other vehicle movements it might be linked to. I was just about to hit the 'send' button when confirmation came through from Southern Vectis - and it was nothing like I expected!

"The Dart is a 40 seater step entry one - no connection to any other vehicle movements, indeed I know of none! It is specifically for conversion to replace the Shanklin Road Train, and will be open sided!"

well I cant wait to see that! Thanks to Marc Morgan-Huws for the confirmation.

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