03 August 2010

Gone Ahead to the Isle of Wight

Plymouth Citybus 305 M305KOD
Seen back in July 2009 M305KOD

Being part of a large national group like Go-Ahead does have advantages when it comes to sourcing extra buses, and Citybus have already received Dennis Darts and Optare Solos from within the group and more Dennis Darts are due later as part of the plan to become a low floor fleet within the next six months or so. The traffic is not all one way though as 305 M305KOD has left the fleet and by the time you read this will be on the Isle of Wight as part of the Southern Vectis fleet. It will look good in the blue coach livery.

UPDATE: It seems as if there was a last minute change of plan or something as the coach that has arrived at Southern Vectis turns out to be 304 M304KOD and NOT 305 as pictured above. Not sure if 305 will be joining her later or not at this stage. 

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  1. 304 was destroyed by fire & then scrapped several years back

  2. Not sure about that as it has been confirmed on the island as 304. The last photo of 304 I have is 2008 and there are photos of it at Cobham Rally in April 2009 on Fotopic.

  3. 303 was the fire damaged coach. Happened in France IIRC

  4. Thanks Brian for the confirmation. I did have a vague recollection of one of the coaches being destroyed but fire couldn't work out which one!

    Thanks 'anon' for the original comment - only one out!

  5. I knew it was one of them!


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