02 August 2010

Lets Party

One aspect that surprised me at last weeks bus rally was just how much the limo business seems to have grown with a a good display of what the companies have to offer. I bring a few photos from Oakleys Party Limos to start off with...
Oakleys J910SEH
We start with a simple Dennis Dart which actually remains just as a simple Dennis Dart would be expected to be.
Oakleys M816GFT
Another Dart this time with Marshall bodywork. I must admit I never got to see inside of this one, but the paint work really sparkles!
Oakleys other bus is a Metrobus...
Oakleys KYV735X

oakleys KYV735X
I may be wrong bus I suspect this isnt the original interior.

TGP Dads daily: Window on Zeal Monachorum

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