15 November 2010

Help find D127LTA

A plea from the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group:
Hi, its Mike from PCTPG (TTT168X owner). We have had a letter from someone who saw D127 LTA on the 3rd of this month on a lorry on Alphington Street, Exeter. As there aren't a lot of these left it would be nice to try to find out where she is. Could you possibly put a plea on Plymothian Transit for us for any information as to her whereabouts as we would love to rescue her!
This is what she looks like:
If anyone knows where she is please leave a comment or contact Mike direct michael.hudson26@yahoo.co.uk

Hartland Quay. TGP Public
London isn’t the only city to expect its own bus. London looks certain to be beaten by somewhere called ?????? aka Skopje, a city the size of Glasgow Scotland, or Leeds but apparently twinned with Bradford. Omnibuses


  1. Google found this link http://www.travellerhomes.co.uk/?p=6600 with an email emma@threadform.com

  2. A bus is an inanimate object. How can it be a she?


  3. all our buses have female name as we love our buses and they r like one big family lol

  4. Its about time someone preserved an old renault dodge s56. Ive always fancied having one but they never seem to turn up.

    They were an important part of Plymouth's transport giving us high frequency services which we still have today, thanks to deregulation.


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