26 October 2010


Another email posting...
It seems that the Northern Connect Taxibus service has again come to a halt. It didnt turn up for me yesterday and this morning one of the regulars told me she had heard that it had been stopped again.
As this service is run for Target Travel by Taxifast / Taxifirst I naturally headed over the the Target Travel web site which still gives full timetable for the service.
There is nothing under the Plymouth City Council web site either.
Nothing on This is Plymouth yet either.
Or anywhere else really.
I have always found this service reliable and the drivers are very friendly. For the regular passengers who knew about the service it was great. Many however probably let it go by not knowing what it was. The publicity for the service was extremely poor. Timetables were few and far between.
As an expiriment to see if taxibuses could be used to fill in the gaps left by service cuts elsewhere it has to be concluded that this has been a failure. With a bit more effort I still believe it could have been so much better used.

because Plymouth needs an anorak or two



  1. With the imminent demise of the First D&C service 48 to Wembury, I wonder if a taxibus type service would be viable on this route?

  2. um correct me if i'm wrong but i'm sure i read in the herald john preece and has gone bust, taxi-fast is no-more! i saw some taxi-fast with the "fast" bit of the sticker torn of??

  3. TaxiFAST went bust and most of the business went to TaxiFIRST, and unrelated company (so they say).


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